Noctua AMD Threadripper Air Cooler Roundup @ [H]


Jul 8, 2017
I changed from Liqtec 280 to Noctua NHU14S last October, still haven't found the courage to open the Liqtec to see how clogged it was. Maybe I'll find it when I do "spring dusting" of my PC and decide to go for it. I've been reading about some liquid replacements, ones that don't clog or corrode. Maybe in the summer I'll get some and clean up the Liqtec, have it as a backup in case the Noctua cooler fails in some way (highly unlikely seeing its quality). As an update, I was at around 43 idle in 25c ambient back when the Noctua was new. Now with some dust (not a lot, stopped smoking next to the computer) it's 45c with 18c ambient. If I get the courage to open the Liqtec, I'll be sure to take a few pics, and post here.