No thread about the framework laptop?

Have you also tried under-volting? Since you're also restricting the maximum clock, the voltage should be able to go quite a bit lower than with boost clocks enabled, resulting in a tidy improvement in battery life.

No feature for that with mine as far as I know. I've handed it on to my gf as I didnt need the laptop in the end.
Ok update... If you're getting the AMD Framework and you install the Framerwork driver pack under Windows 11 and your screen looks like nothing but highlighter Red and Green instead of normal colors I believe they found a solution. In the AMD control panel, whatever they hell they call Radeon software now, there's a setting under Gaming, then Display, call "Vari-Bright". It's on by default for some reason and just went to town on the reds and greens in the color profile. After turning it off, at least for the past few days, everything looks normal. I'm using it now. Everything else about this laptop is stellar.
13 days later and the colors are stable on the AMD Framework 13. Just keep an eye out for that "vari-bright" setting.
Will definitely be watching this in a bit. I've only seen one review so far.
i havent, so if its no good, dont blame me ;)
i just had it pop up in my recommended and figured people here would be interested.
After watching some reviews including the Hardware Canucks one, the 16 definitely wouldn't be for me. I have a gaming PC for gaming, and I don't do anything particularly taxing on my laptops as to require the ability to house a moderate GPU. The keyboard flex is an issue I hope they can address in a rev2 or the keyboard or bracing beneath it.

The fit and finish of the 13 is so good, it's a bit disappointing to see the 16 as it is today. I know it has much more modularity, but still.