No schedule, no caputure, just interface to videos, music, on hard drive?


Jan 9, 2002
Hello, i want to build a HTPC, but i dont want it to schedule or capture TV. I just want it to be able to search in specific directories of the hard drive or a network share.

I use Media Player Classic (great software) and winlirc and its great MPC has even integrated lirc support. The problem is i cant navigate thru the collection unless i stand up and use the mouse and keyboard...witch defeats the objective of the remote.

Do anyone know a software that would allow me to do this? Just a simple interface that scan and display videos on the TV. If it works in xp even better, that way i dont need another pc and just run it in the secondary display of my main pc.

I use myHTPC to interface with my remote. It works well for me. You can set your video, music... directories and browse them. Then it will start a palyer of your choice. It migth take a while to figure out how to set everything up but their forums are very helpful.
Another option is J. River's Media Center 10. Though I am not positive it will have the audio support your looking for with lirc and such. I am currently using myHTPC for my front end and it works well.