No longer able to transfer files from my pc to my amazon fire


Sep 15, 2011
This is weird dunno why its happening. For no apparent reason I can't move files to my Amazon fire tablet anymore. Nothing has changed that I'm aware of. There's about 20gig free on it. Have tried rebooting, using a different cable and using a different USB port but nothing works. Anyone have any advice?

Probably related...also after being connected for a min or so when I view the Fire in Windows Explorer it reads "this folder is empty" and I have disconnect and reconnect to see the files on the Fire.


Limp Gawd
May 31, 2005
Might not be your issue, but whenever I want to put files on my husband's Fire, after connecting with USB I also--every time--have to go into USB settings on the Fire itself and tell it I want to use it as a media device. The default action when connecting with USB is to charge it. Once I click the radio button to use as a media device, I can see all files and transfer whatever files I need to. And I also have to make sure his wireless is turned husband usually has his turned off, and I find the Fire won't acknowledge the files I transfer over unless wireless/sync is turned on. Just something to check.