No internet access when connecting wireless repeater to an access point

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    Aug 2, 2016
    Hey guys, I've recently turned my old Netgear Nighthawk r7500 v2 into an access point, connected to my Google fiber box. I have a renter that lives above my detached garage a good 60 feet or more from where the Google router sits, and I want to get him better internet speed and stability. Hence re purposing the Nighthawk. I should point out I'm really inexperienced with networking.

    Problem is that even with the Nighthawk right near a window it's still not quite strong enough to provide consistent signal to his whole apt, so I picked up a little wireless repeater to plug into a power outlet to boost the signal strength. However, when I connect the wireless repeater to the Nighthawk access point the repeater has no internet connection. Any ideas what I may have done wrong here?

    I followed this guide to set up the Nighthawk and my internet connection is great through that device. I just don't understand why my repeater fails to get an internet connection. I can connect to all three devices (google box, nighthawk, and wireless repeater) without issue using any device.

    Any advice would be really appreciated, guys. Is there something obvious I've screwed up in my setup?

    Here's a diagram of the setup: