Nissan Will Use a Vive and HaptX Gloves to Prototype Designs

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    Mar 3, 2018
    Nissan is teaming up with haptic feedback expert HaptX to create a system where designers and engineers can prototype future car designs in a virtual environment. Using HaptX gloves and what appears to be an HTC Vive, the workers can interact with mock-ups of car interiors and exteriors without having to build an expensive physical prototype for every new design. Nissan seems to be particularly invested in VR technology, as they claim to be "the first automaker in Japan to use HaptX Gloves." They also showed off a number of driver-focused AR technologies at CES last January, including a rain-parting navigation system and a holographic, animesque avatar that pops out of the dash.

    Check out a video of the system here.

    It takes years between creating the first 3D model to sitting in the driver's seat of a complete physical prototype. HaptX Gloves can reduce that time from years to days, letting you grip the steering wheel, adjust the volume dial, and feel the click of the glove compartment in VR, before the first piece of steel is bent. This type of nuanced interaction allows auto designers to get a better sense of their customer’s experience. "Automakers have faced imperfect options in the design process. VR controllers are unnatural and inadequate for realistic feedback, but full-scale physical models are expensive and limited in their utility," said Jake Rubin, Founder and CEO of HaptX. "HaptX Gloves address these limitations, enabling auto designers to feel their new vehicle models throughout the design process and allowing for rapid prototyping within VR."
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    I'd like a nice VR and Haptic suit too... just not to drive cars methinks.
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    VR is great for design studies and the like, but we're a long way from full virtual prototyping. Engineers and designers live in a fantasy world where limits don't exist. 'Ok, here is how the wire harness will route... Two 90° bends over 6" and it'll clip through that bracket no problem' when it's actually made a single 90° has an 8" radius and the bracket it clipped through is no matter since the harness is hanging out the side of the vehicle at this point.
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    They still make garbage vehicles. They mixed up the design for the trash can icon.

    The worst cvt's in history. Not an if but when they belt snap.
    The horrid Renault design.
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    I feel like we work at the same company.