Talks about disqualification of a so called opinion...continues to give times

Like I said, alot of people are claiming in these forums exactly what you just disputed hence fact=overrated when a game brings nothing new to the table yet people praise it because it was the only game to play on a very anemic platform, was the game fun, yes, was it special maybe on the switch but was it special for gaming in, just to some people who invested in a console with a limited selection of experiences it's like claiming the wiiU is a good's not, in fact Nintendo screwed up, but be damned if the rose tinted glasses allow neophytes to see that.

BotW being a good fun game isn't in dispute because it is, what's in dispute is the continual insistence of it being this overhyped and overrated game and why it is at that state, the moment people start arguing concessions for flaws is the point people have lost the argument...we call it grasping at straws and ignoring the elephant in the room.

You can fully be in love with an overrated product and that is fine and your opinion trying to state it's more fantastic than what it truely is though and trying to force that down peoples throats as a fact is just intolerable and adds to the reasoning that these companies like Apple and Nintendo just have people so misaligned with reality.

Yeah, whatever dude, Merry Christmas and have fun. Hope you do not receive any anemic gifts. :D ;)
BotW is probably the most overated game I have seen to date, people need to really just stop praising it so highly, is it ok and good, yeah, but it's hardly master quality anything in fact it's just plain boring.

I agree. It wouldn't be so bad if your weapons didn't constantly break or you constantly had to keep cooking meals to stay healthy. The combat and shrines were fine. I put about 80 hours into it and never finished it.

Overall, I liked the Switch, but I didn't play it as much as my PC or PS4. Ended up selling it.
Loves the Kinect too, yup.

I have a 10 hour smasha-a-thon planned for tomorrow, I am so stoked!
May I ask How? or Why? because to be honest I don't get it, Open world games depend on the pay off or reward for exploration and to be honest there is just no real pay off in BotW, sure heart containers and energy for the shrines then you have the inventory space increases, not compared to something that is semi open world like Monster Hunter where there is a distinctive reason for exploring, BotW is known for not respecting a players time with that hohum reward for collecting the gems, there is no depth no real character progression, nothing other than running around for the sake of running around, and getting killed by rando crap.....that you have no real skill or way of preventing.

Like I said its a good fun game, but after a while becomes boring, game of the year, def not, people just give the game more credit than it deserves because it was the only game worth anything on the switch for so long.

I didn’t use a strategy guide or online guides, played it in the dark. So when I started I just explored, I got all of the shrines, guardians, Master Sword, Helian Shield and completed all of the DLC.

So far my GOTG is BotW. It’s that Zelda magic I guess but I have never beat any Zelda game prior to BotW. I think I really only played a Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time.

That’s not to say it’s perfect, they should have had 3-4 actual dungeons.

In the PS3/360 era my GOTG was The Last of Us which will probably happen again this gen once everything is said and done.
I'm not a console gamer.
Every console I've bought has after a short period of time, just gathered dust
I am kinda interested in the switch, problem is my kids are too young for it yet
So once Nintendo release whatever the next version of it is, my kids then will be old enough and I'll probably get it.
the switch appears to be a fun bit of kit