Nimble storage


May 9, 2008
Anyone have experience with them?

Had a call on Friday with a rep and was intrigued. Proprietary ZFS like file system they call CASL. Inline dedupe, SSD cache, snapshots, replication to other Nimble devices, dual disk controllers so a passive controller does disk maintenance. I'd like to use something like this for a CIFS backup target and also ISCSI to a HyperV host for virtual disks.

The CS220 comes in about $49k and the CS210 about $30k. Seems like a massive mark up for the hardware you get. I've been speccing out a Nexenta CE box that destroys this for hardware specs but without support I'm not sure I could pull the trigger for a production environment. Looking for about 8TB of space and Netapp seems to be a main competitor or maybe an Aberdeen AberNAS 360. Any recommendations or comments?
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May 17, 2001
I hate to resurrect a 6 month old thread but have you learned any more about Nimble? My employer had a sales engineer and account manager in yesterday to discuss the product. It is intriguing and if it works as advertised it seems like a good value.

I agree that the markup is pretty high.

I'll never use Nexenta - it's just too bad and after testing many versions it's just a poor product.