Nikon 14-24mm F2.8G ED lens $1299 on eBay


Aug 26, 2008
Update: Price went back to $1897

eBay Link

Great price on a brand new (gray market) Nikkor!

I just sold my 15-30mm Tarmon and ordered this Nikon 14-24mm on eBay, it's a gray market but for the price it's well worth every penny. (USA version is $1900) And don't get me wrong, the Tamron is a fantastic lens, because of the added VR benefit and the longer usable range... But it had one major flaw, especially for my kind of portrait work.. When shooting against the sun in the background, the 15-30mm produces very undesirable lens flare and most of the time, the flares lands onto my subject's face, rendering retouching extremely hard or almost impossible... Saw this deal on eBay and ordered one without much second thought... The Nikon is much better at flare control, even without VR and a shorter zoom range... I'll live with it..

For any Nikon shooters on [H]ard, you won't go wrong with this lens.
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