Yeah I am actually like it more and getting more excited everytime I play it...lol...I guess I was expecting the holy grail, which you should never expect with anything.

Anyways, I have seen myself just waiting to get home to play it the past 2 days. So it's been pretty good. Reflections are the best part! Rebounds are a close second. They are almost perfect. Get this game if you haven't yet!
Every other review, reviewed them the same. So, unless IGN is biased, it really doesn't matter. GAmespot gave both a 8.5, and I read nothing of a decrease in framerate. And, this stupid crap about higher framerate being better, is stupid. I mean, yeah it's alright and you may get the impression of it being more fluent, but at least with a locked frame rate there's no tearing, or any other artifacts. Besides, the human eye can't notice more than 30 anyway.

Then why did 3DFX always claim you need 60fps to get completely fluid motion in a computer game if we can't tell the dif between 30fps and 60fps? There are tech articles explaining why this is true so go look them up.
Man...I played about 40-50 games last night during the season with my brother. We would play on the same team. It was a blast. We played for about 5 hours.

We finally found a trick on the last game (Stanley cup finals, game 7) lol...we scored 5 goals in the 1st period. Time to up the slider on their goalie. :p

P.S. Btw, Crosby, Kovalchuk and Iginla make a killer first line. =P With Pronger and Neidermeyer on Defense. ftmfw....My other lines suck though because of that lol...
I can't wait to try out my Marleau Thornton Cheechoo line :eek:

Can't wait until the season starts so I can go see them live! :p

/10 year Sharks season tic holder


The fact that this game is 30 fps on PS3 super pisses me off.

//looking forward to NHL 09
So, who's played both EA's '08 and 2K8 on the 360? Would you say that '08 is the better of the two?