[Newegg] Seasonic SS-760XP2 Platinum 760W PSU $99.99 AC/AR

Very tempting. I have a 7-year old PSU I need to replace. My question is is there enough amperage on the +12V rail to support two reference GTX 780s? I'm only running one right now, but I am very likely to add a second for SLI in the near future.
Yes, look at the power draw numbers that HardOCP did on SLI and crossfired systems last year.
I can't think of a reason not to beyond your power requirements. Seasonic is one of the best in the business and this is from their top-of-the-line brand.
I think with the rest of my system configuration, 760W may be pushing it. I have some more hardware hooked up than [H]'s test system. Would like to have some more headroom. There wouldn't happen to be a coupon for the 860W version :(...
You would have easily been without any overclocking fine as this psu is really strong unit. I would go 860W too though to allow for more headroom and/or future upgrades.

And you should change your cpu to a 4770K. And you can get full Windows 8.1 retail for cheaper than you have the OEM in there. Full version is always better choice if around the same price.
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