Newegg / [H]ardOCP AMD Athlon X2 5000+ Black Edition Drawing

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May 18, 1997
Three users answering the below questions will be selected from this thread and given a new Black Edition 5000+!!!

  1. What would you do if you won an AMD Athlon X2 5000+ Black Edition CPU?
  2. What is the name of the new AMD next-generation desktop processor?

The processors will be directly shipped to the three lucky winners from Newegg.

A BIG THANKS to Newegg for the awesome CPUs. You can check out our 5000+ Black Edition experience here.
1. I'd sell off what I have to purchase a new mobo (Crossfire Compatible of course!!!) and RAM (All from the Egg) so I can get out from the old school Skt 939...then I'd OC that thing as far as I could on AIR!!!

2. Phenom

BTW, thanks Kyle and Newegg for the chance!!
1. Keep it, of course, probably sell my sub-par LGA775 systems guts, get an AM2 mobo and push it as much as I can with my cooler. Kind of funny you post this now Kyle, I was just talking to a friend on how selling my S939 DFI board to go LGA775 was a bad idea. This Pentium D ES just can't messure up to my 4000+, man was I dumb! Go AM2!!

2. Phenom, baby, because there's a phenomena coming! B)
1:I guess I would replace my 4000+, its in a matx htpc as my main rig so i cant really oc it, i was gonna wc it but i dont have the money.
2: phenom
1) I would finally upgrade from my S939 system to an AM2-based system, and of course O/C the [H]eck out of it.

2) Phenom.

Much love to the Egg - the machines I build for myself generally use parts from there, as well as the machines I build for others.

And of course much love to the [H], as it has been my primary tech site for many years, not to mention being able to meet Kyle and the AMD folk in San Francisco not long ago.
1) Add it as a small compute node in my cluster for B3LYP and MP2 geometry optimizations.
2) Phenom
1) I would build my first PC in a long while. Been wanting to get back into PC hardware, but haven't had the funds to put something together that is worth building. Gotta get prepared for StarCraft II. :p

2) Phenom
1. Scrounge together a new rig and look into folding, or possibly sell it...depends on financial situation ATM :)
2. Phenom.
1. Buy a AM2 mobo. Then I would take my S939 set it back up and use it to make grilled cheese. Should be entertaining I will take pictures.
2. Phenom
1: Buy a new mobo from the 'egg. Then I would take that black beauty, whisper sweet nothings in her ear as I gently turn her on.. UP! I said UP! I would OC her gently, oh so gently.... Oh she'll get hot.... believe me. But it's ok. I can handle the heat.

Oh, and I would make an awesome mousepad out of acrylic and my current Core 2 Duo!

My return to AMD will be sweet...

2: Phenom.
1.) I'd finally upgrade my aging 939 system to AM2! Then I'd drop an Ultra 120 cooler on to see how far I could push it on near-silent air. :cool:

2.) Phenom

Thanks for the contest, NewEgg! :D
1. Cry while laughing, then build, laugh and cry some more. Then pass on my old 4000+ to the old man so he can get back into gaming.

2. Phenom
1. I'd replace my 4400+, which I did buy from the Egg! Quin boot system to boot: Win2k, WinXP, Win XP x75, Vista 32, Vista 64!

2. Phenom
1. I would OC that mother, du[H]! Come on, now! Then, I will probably replace it with a . . .

2. Phenom! finsh off the phase change im working on in our basment and me and my buddy would go for some amd Record clocks
2. Phenom
1. Give my old computer to my little brother, buy a new mobo, video card/s, and ram. Of course I'd overclock it with the new water cooling rig I have but haven't assembled yet. :)

2. Phenom
build my first amd system and depending on how it compares to my current set up use as a dedicated game server or my workstation to play on the server.

1. I would dance in a chicken suit in the middle of the street while singing Peanut Butter Jelly Time! :D

2. Phenom
1) Slap that baby into a new 790FX motherboard and get 4x 3870s on release! Then I'd use my Q6600 solely for Folding at Home for my College (which I got started folding btw, and am working on getting computers around the school set up folding!)

2) Phenom is coming, we're all waiting patiently AMD! If you build it, we will come!

*Rock out for AMD/ATI*
1. I would build a PC capable of altering the brain waves of all the hot chicks, subconsciously bending their minds to my will. I would then pit all of those hot chicks against each other in CS:S until there was only one left.... and then once that's over with that one remaining chick would probably turn me down. But at least I'd get to watch a bunch of hot chicks play CS:S, right? :D

2. Phenom!
1. I'd build a new computer server for the office databaes.
2. The next-gen processor name is Phenom.
1.) I would pawn if off to Steve for sexual favors or build a PC for my wife.

2) Phenom AKA too little too late.
1. If I win, I will become ecstatic, and finally build my first computer, and then learn how to overclock. (I mean it IS a Black edition:cool:)

2. Phenom
  1. I would put the processor towards building a new gaming rig for myself and give my current one to a friend so he can finally stop complaining that his computer sucks.
  2. Phenom
1) The Black Edition would replace my 5600 and that would go into my wife's X2 4000 bidness system. I haven't OC'ed in awhile but that Bad Arse Black Edition is calling my name. me find a home!

2) Phenom(anol Barcelona)!!!

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