Newegg Doles Out Refunds for AMD APU Price Gouging

Newegg is such a terrible place to shop.

Customer service = terrible
Prices = terrible

Will never shop there again. I continued to use newegg for a bit this past year, got burned. Bought a PSU item never showed up. They issued refund even though I wanted a replacement. Go back to repurchase said PSU, and it's price had went up 25$. They told me they would cover the difference, and even got a invoice for a 25$ credit. A day later all was gone and I had paid the extra 25$. Same shit happened with a GPU I purchased. Bought a RX 580 for 300$ received DOA card, ask for replacement, nah got refunded and now the price for the same gpu was 500$ Nope done with that place, Dang Crooks.