Newbie Video/Audio output quueston :confused:

Anh N.

Feb 3, 2007
Hi! I'm a noob when it comes to computer hardware so forgive me if some of the questions are obvious or stupid:eek:. I'm running a dual 22' monitor setup from an 8800 GT 512mb card (evga 680i mobo & xFi Extreme Gamer soundcard). I just recently purchased an 50' 1080p plasma and was just wondering if:

1. I can run Vista Media Center through TV by getting a 2nd video card and add it to PC?

2. ATI 3870 can provide video/audio output through a single HDMI. Making it easier to manage wires :) (connect PS3, DVR, PC throught HDMIs), then run optical audio out from TV to receiver. By adding an ATI card to the previous setup, would the video drivers conflict? (Nvdia and ATI on same setup)?

3. Or is it better off to get another 8800GT and run that card to TV (DVI-HDMI for video and seperate audio line)?

Thanks for all your input and help. It was great reading and learning from you guys :)


Fully [H]
Jul 17, 2006
1) Yes, but what motherboard do you have? Does it have a 2nd PCI-E 16x slot (even if it runs at 4x, thats enough for HD playback).

2) No, they shouldn't, but they might. If you would like to avoid potential issues, get an NVIDIA card instead.

3) You don't need another 8800GT, a simple 8600GT would suffice.