New Xigmatek Nebula cube ITX case

Kind of restricted on video card though, and cooling doesn't look that impressive I can imagine some pretty high temps with just 1 passive intake and active exhaust.
I like the exterior design, I hate the specs. Only a small GPU, PSU above the CPU, lots of space wasted for disks. This might be a good HTPC but not for gaming. But it seems to be marketed at HTPC use anyway.
Interesting layout. No space for an intake fan, so the bottom intake is passive. Just the rear 120mm exhaust for system cooling. The PSU orientation seems pointlessly limiting to CPU cooler size. The listed dimensions are clearly inaccurate; they give a width and depth of 206mm, but it's clearly at least 235mm wide. I like the look, but could do without the orange triangle.

Also, the copy editing needs help ("defiantly," "hole chassis," etc.).
I wonder what the distance is between the mobo and the PSU. It looks taller than your usual ITX case but the PSU placement might limit the use of tall heatsinks. So low profile coolers and 120mm radiators (although I question the idea of blocking the only exhaust with the radiator).