New Work Laptop Choices


Limp Gawd
Sep 27, 2004
I am starting a new job, after 9 years at current, and they are giving me a choice of laptops. Job description is Network Engineer, in house only, work from home occasionally with little to no travel that I am aware of. Working on routers/switches and DWDM 40/80ch optical transport gear.

Laptop choices were:

Mac(unsure on model)

Lenovo (T) series
Lenovo (W) series
Lenovo (X) series

The "X" was a bit too small for me with a 12.5" screen. The "T" was a 14" laptop which I am very used to, currently have Dell Latitude E6410 however I have a Dell Latitude E6520 at home and love the 15.6" screen. I went with the "W" series, I believe a Lenovo W520. I know its big, bulky, but is this thing a paper weight or should I have gone with one of the other choices? I don't now much about Mac OS hence the reason I didn't choose one.