New Unity pricing

Yeah if you want 2D UE isn't really made for that. Godot is progbably their best option, especially since it's free.

If you were using Unity for 3D over Unreal Engine IMO you already made a poor choice, probably because you were already too deeply invested in Unity development to consider other options. In which case it will be a hard switch, maybe this is the tipping point though.
You would think that 2D for UE wasn't a good fit but...
This works really well and has had growing support for the last year or more.

I think the final nail for Unity was Nintendo showing off their new console with all the UE5 bells and whistles, Unity was the official development environment for the Nintendo Switch if they knew that it was changing with the Switch 2 release, then they knew the writing is on the wall for them.
Ask not whom the bell tolls and what not.
Shares dropped too fast, board got spooked.

It's OK though, they've probably necked themselves backtracking or no. Who the hell is going to trust them now?

There are a lot of companies that were living of free debt that are trying to figure out how to make money these days.
This probably does not add anything meaningful to the discussion but a friend of mine just sent this to me and I couldn't help but share. 😆


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