New Samsung 4k for everyone.

Some of the titles on Netflix aren't HDR yet. Netflix plans to add HDR soon ( but they been saying soon for past year). Namely most of the marvel series. Unless of course someone can verify that they added it recently. No updates on LG Oleds.
I have not watch every show on the list but I know the most recent season of daredevil and Chef's Table is indeed HDR, On my KS9500 the HDR notification does not come on on all netflix but you can check the backlight which went to max during the show.
You get what you pay for. I bought a 6500 last year and the motion blur was pretty noticeable and swap it for a 7500. HDR is also important. Personally, I think HDR is more of a game changer than 4K. 4K blu-ray HDR on my KS9500 is amazing.

Which 7500 do you have? I'm concerned about using a 43" as a monitor. I used a 40 for like a day and it was ok, not sure how much of a difference it truly is though. I was reading some reviews of the 7500 though and they said this:

"1) Reflective screen. In a work environment with lots of light, this could be an issue, unless you like adjusting your hair in a mirror while you work. 2) Correcting the color becomes impossible because the edges will be cast red relative to the center"

Is the slight curve worth paying an extra $200 for over the 40" 7000? If not then I may just get that one for $547 w/ HDR.
I have a 40" 2015 JU7500 and a 65" 2016 KS9500. I also use a 32" Acer B326Hk at the office. The Ju7500 screen is more reflective than the Acer's 32" matte but it's not mirror like some other display, I wouldn't call it glossy at all, maybe semi-gloss. The anti- reflective have improved on the 2016 models so a KU7500 should even be better. The reason to pick the curve at 40" and above when they are being used as desktop monitor is that the curve help minimize any color shift that might occur at the very edge.
Looking to pickup a Samsung maybe this weekend. These are the 3 I'm looking at. I'm not sure what the difference is between them all, I think maybe the 7000 has HDR and the others don't? I'm not sure, but I have a ps4 so I wanted to have HDR. Hopefully someone can help me pick the right one here. Not seeing the curved display options though or if I should even bother with it?

  • UN40KU6300
  • UN40KU6290
  • UN40KU7000

ku7000 is basically a ku6300 with wide color gamut. also i think the 6300 is back lit, 7000 is edge lit. which doesnt seem to make a difference. supposedly even wiht WCG, the 7000 didnt show much difference. if you havent checked out i would.

the 6290 is basically a 6300 with a different remote. the 6290 comes with old fashion normal many button remote. where as 6300 comes with their smart remote. it only has 13 buttons. Between the remote and the smart interface, it works pretty decent. though some people would still rather have multi buttons. i believe also the 7000 adds voice recognition to the remote.
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Then I suppose chose the wrong name? $680 phono cable... yum
I cant help that you want to start an argument over something only you brought up.

I was referring to
Then perhaps you didn't understand what I said. TVs have gotten to the point where some people cannot perceive some of the improvements that are being made.
This is the same for most hifi.
I have a problem and i don't know how to fix it ( if possible )
My wife is using as a pc monitor, Samsung 40JU 6550 and i have Samsung 48JS 9000
They are both in the same room. Everytime one of us is using the remote control to turn on or off the tv, it affects both TV's
Is there a way to avoid this ?
Thank you
Put a slightly smokey film over the LED transmitter or receiver to reduce light.
Do the same on both.

Or try nearly flat batteries :p
I have not watch every show on the list but I know the most recent season of daredevil and Chef's Table is indeed HDR, On my KS9500 the HDR notification does not come on on all netflix but you can check the backlight which went to max during the show.
How large is your KS9500, Wizz33 ?
OK guys, I'm having a slightly annoying issue with my JS9000 that I'm wondering if anyone else has run into.

Sometimes, shortly after I power it on, I get that box that pops up saying something like "TV will turn off in 60 seconds" and shows a countdown timer. I assume this is some sort of inactivity timer and would expect it to pop up at the end of the "Auto Power Off" interval found under Menu > System > Eco Solution. But this is occurring seemingly randomly, and sometimes shortly after I power on the set.

It's more of an annoyance than anything, since I keep the remote beside of my mouse and when it happens I just have to pick it up and hit the OK button to make the box go away. After that, generally it doesn't happen again during that session.

Firmware bug maybe? Is anyone else experiencing this?
I have not had that yet on my JS9000...will keep an eye open for details on that issue

Thanks man. I guess I need to try resetting the TV to its defaults and if that fails, check for a firmware update. It's been a while since it has auto-updated, and I remember having to manually download and install one of them via USB a while back.
Window resizers-

Has anyone played around with a few & found a preferred program? I've seen KDE & Winsplit refrenced here, I guess there are a lot more available out there than I thought: I'm currently trialing Winsplit. A nice program could -offer custom window size/position, -be easy to use, -use shortcuts, & -launch at startup.

Been using Soundswitch to shortcut changing between headphones & TV speakers which is convenient. A lot easier to use than AHK.

& Still fiddling a bit with Persistent Windows to keep window sizes when turning off the TV or losing connection. Probably user error, or not running as admin or something like that. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Still no regrets moving to a TV. I'd say if you do more than 50-75% gaming it's pretty attractive. I've lost some productivity (mostly due to the placement vs. desk).
Geez. That sounds promising. I'll have to see what pricing and sizes are available...I told myself that my next upgrade would be OLED but that sounds tempting!
How was OLED a high spot on your radar if lag is a problem??

Because lag isn't the only metric that I take into account. And LG is reported to be improving in that area with the latest sets anyway. The few OLED owners that we have here are all quick to say that the stunning improvement in PQ outweighs the increase in input lag.

Are they simply justifying their purchases and the high price tag? I suppose that's a separate question. But supposedly once you go OLED you can't go back and the once-significant input lag penalty is becoming less of a concern each year.
Was playing around in the menu just now, trying to reset the TV to factory defaults because of an annoying issue described here.

Went to Support > Software Update and there was an update available (v1490, I was on v1460). I had turned auto-update off a while back, so forgot to check for new ones for quite a while.

Anyway...just a friendly PSA. :)
So either resetting the TV settings to their defaults or upgrading to the latest firmware appears to have solved my issue with the TV wanting to turn off automatically as described in post #7013. Not sure which did it because I did the firmware update right after resetting the TV settings, but just an FYI if anyone else experiences the issue that I was having. I'll update if it comes back.
Received another firmware update today for my JS9000. I kind of chuckled that the TV is now two generations behind the current ones and they are still rolling out firmware updates. :)

Also, turns out that the issue described above in my previous post didn't go away after all. It happens just about every time I use the TV for more than a few minutes, but is just a minor annoyance.