New Plasma + New Htpc = Few Question


Limp Gawd
Mar 3, 2008
Hey their [H]ard Forums. I have a few Questions on What i need to build a HTPC (My very First Htpc Budget BuildUp) So I'm a little confuse on what exactly i need to build a new little rig. This will be used for Watching DVD Movies (Blue Ray DVD) little light Gaming (Yet i don't think my plasma Vizio Tv will support it good),a little web surfing and Playing MP3 Music. I have a bunch of movies that are decrypted in my hard drive and would like to view those as well. How would the quality look on my Vizio 720P-1080i. What Software and Hardware i need to build this pc ? I've been looking at this Is this a good product and would it cover everything of my needs. Sorry a little new to HTPC and read a few Sticky's here but doesn't seem to cover what i need..

Thanks for your help


Supreme [H]ardness
Dec 22, 2002
That would work, however, I would replace the fan with something low noise. My experience with Shuttles has been noisy when the smart fan starts hitting higher RPM's. Add a lower wattage Core 2, 2GB's memory, Vista Home Premium, Quiet large Harddrive, Blue Ray Drive, and a Passively cooled 8500-8600GT or Radeon..and you'll have most of it covered.