New Old Stock Sony GDM CRT Monitor Arcing Sound

Feb 23, 2022
I recently purchased two brand new zero hour Sun CRT monitors (rebadged Sony GDMs). I have unboxed them both since they have arrived and have been using one of them to play GC/Wii games. I would estimate I had it powered on for maybe 10-20 hours total. I noticed today, and also once last week when I had it on then, that it made a slight snapping noise (almost like a static shock sound), and the picture shrunk about half an inch for a split second. Today it actually made two small shock noises in a row, but the screen only shrunk with the second one. I have had it on since then for a couple of hours and it seems to be working fine.

I have had issues before with bad flybacks so I knew that it wasn't good when I saw it do that, however I am confused because it is brand new and has been sealed in its factory box for 20+ years. Could this possibly be arcing due to impurities inside of the CRT itself from manufacturing? Or, is it more likely that it is an issue with the flyback or anode? I understand that arcing is normally either internal to the flyback, from the flyback to some external ground, or from the anode cap/wire, but I was wondering if there could be some other reason for this that I am missing. Also, is there a way I can narrow down where the intermittent arcing sound is coming from, and is it okay to use the monitor like this? Thanks in advance for your help!