new nvidia drivers Forceware 177.26

Checked out a thread about this on Guru3D forums and people have verified that these drivers only work for the upcoming GTX260 and the GTX280. Modding the inf file does not work as well.

Just a heads up.
I'd bet a newer version on launch date next week for the 260/280s.
I just installed these on my 8800GTS. Although, I haven't tried any games with them, they do indeed work for cards other than the new GT2x0's.

Games seem to run fine without the normal overclock I do with Rivatuner as it just doesn't work with these drivers yet. Everything is smooth as silk.
does it still have the classic controls?

i prefer the classic controls because
everytime i watch a movie with subs, i have to adjust the brightness
Tried installing these under XP/x64 with the modded laptopvideo2go .inf, and even on driver updates it wouldn't install. Just doesn't like me, I guess...