New Nissan Leaf Will Have One Pedal

How about
New Nissan leaf can be driven using only one pedal.

There is a better more accurate title minus the snark of this reply. I understand you want a catchy title, all we ask is that it at least be accurate. The title you posted is just absolutely false.

Back on topic. Who cares? It's a Nissan leaf. As much as I love my rogue and plan to get another, that car is just an abomination aimed at people who believe EV's are more environmentally friendly no matter how useless it is.
What about
New Nissan Leaf Will Have an Optional One Pedal Mode
So they are basically copying Tesla which has a mode that starts to actively brake to regenerate power when you let off the "gas" pedal. Go Nissan...
Strange that they're copying "Tesla" as my 2006 Prius regenerates power when you let off the gas, and I'm pretty sure the ones prior to that did so as well.
The oldest Model T transmissions had 3 pedals: Engage the transmission low/neutral/high, Reverse, and Brake on the right. This was in combination to the hand brake on the left side which also affected the planetary gear on the transmission.

Oh then you had gas feed and spark adjustment on the steering wheel.

They are actually pretty fun to drive (If you aren't worried about the hand crank up front ripping backwards and breaking your arm...which sometimes did happen if you held it wrong.)

That sounds like bit of a spectacle, and I can imagine the chaos on the roads from the lack of set rules and horses freaking out from seeing a big square beetles with wheels on the road. It's good in a way because the clumsy and stupid are quickly weeded off back then, unlike today where everyone is safe from nearly everything around them.

The New Nissan Leaf Has One Pedal That Controls Acceleration And Breaking Unless You Turn It Off Via A Button On The Dashboard Then It Goes To A Standard System With Regenerative Braking

be a more compelling title for you?

Nissan Leaf Can be Driven With Pedal
Nissan Offers Bumper Car One Pedal Mode
Dumb Ol Nissan Thinks You May Want To Try Driving Leaf With Only One Pedal

Nissan Leaf Can be Driven With Pedal
Nissan Offers Bumper Car One Pedal Mode
Dumb Ol Nissan Thinks You May Want To Try Driving Leaf With Only One Pedal


Pretty much all cars are driven with pedal
I like that one
A bit long

Following this logic, the leaf also has one seat, one wheel, one bolt, one horsepower... and every living being has one brain cell
Didn't early Priuses come with a "B" mode on the gear selector that did the same thing? (It made regenerative power more aggressive when you let off the gas)

Might be more useful in the city where stops and goes are more common, thereby helping to save the brake.

But the highway less so.

You would think software could figure that out based on speed. 35 and below is city driving.
My car has a form of regenerative braking, I am not exactly in love with the 'feel' after I have my feet off the accelerator (its always on).
Used to it? yes, love it? not so much.
I've driven all sorts of shit cars in snowstorms :D No reason a Leaf should stay home when every other car can go out.

Observation shows that usually when it snows there is not a leaf in sight. Coincidental naming? I think not!
Exactly. This is the same as that idiot with the Tesla acting like a powerful rear wheel drive vehicle can't be driven in the snow. I've done it all my adult life.

It's certainly possible to drive powerful RWD cars in the snow and ice. I've done it too. Experience helps. I grew up in Sweden and have been driving in the snow for 20 years.

Once you experience the alternatives though, there is no going back. Sure you can have some fun with RWD and do snow donuts, but when it comes to driving in traffic, I'd take AWD and snow tires over anything else, no contest.

In snow:

AWD + Snow Tires > FWD + Snow Tires > RWD + Snow Tires > AWD + Allseasons > FWD + Allseasons > RWD + Allseasons

Never drive in the snow with summers. That's outright dangerous.