new nintendo 3ds - february 13


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Jan 31, 2003
I am pretty sure the 3DS and 3DS games are region locked. So I don't think that would work.

That is as far as playing a NA game on EU console and vice-versa. Not sure about multiplayer compatibility, but I have heard of people from NA playing MH4U with Europeans, so maybe it works?

Yeah, thats what I meant. An EU console playing an EU game, Multiplayer with a NA console playing the NA game... like MH4 or something.

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Ugh, attempting to swap in a 32GB card, and can't get it to recognize my save data. I've tried a direct wireless copy, backup first then copy then restore, copying the entire card, copying just the save data, etc. etc. The instructions I found are mainly telling me to do what I've already done. I only need my saves, as I can just re-download the games. Going to try to walk through it again tonight. Hopefully it'll work this time. I should have just picked up the big card when I bought it, and started on that.