New Monoprice 30" IPS w/ 11-11-2013 Launch Revealed!


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Dec 26, 2009
Monoprice just listed a new 30" IPS on their website, this being a month or two after discontinuing their two older 30" models with no word of what to expect.

Does anyone know what is different about this new IPS? They state LED backlit specifically on this one. Maybe these new 30" are actually LED backlit unlike the older models which so many complained of. I am tempted to pre-order this display, if anyone knows of a good discount code speak forth!

Opinions? :confused:
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Being just listed...I doubt anyone knows much about it. I was wondering what was up with Monoprice yanking all the 30"ers off their catalog 2 months back. Just looking, I'm pleasantly surprised they include what looks to be a quality stand, unlike the El Cheapo stands common on the cheap 27/30" IPS panels.

Given all the inputs...I'll guess it has a scalar and therefore a bit of lag.
It's LED backlit verses the previous models being CCFL. The wattage is less too to maybe this time its for real. Pretty big deal considering its extremely difficult to find a 30" 1600p monitor that is. If next year 4k prices don't come down I will probably be picking this one up, kudos to Monoprice on this.
Other than a greater resolution do the 4k monitors provide any other benefits? They are IPS panels I believe?

Also @Skripka, what is this scalar you speak of? The old 30" Pro model had many connections, but you expect the new model to have more input lag than the older one?
I'd be more concern if the picture and performance is good. Its a cheap price 30" monitor. You know the old saying you get what you pay for. Is the quality cheap too?
I have zero tolerance for dead pixels, so I could never order a Monoprice monitor until they improve their policy.
I bought a 30 inch Crystal Pro from Monoprice earlier this year. I really wanted an LED, but for the price was going to settle for CCFL.

I was a bit leery of it being matte. I had a Dell 3007 that had a horrible antiglare coating. But I took a chance because of Monoprices easy return policy. And it turned out it was as bad as my old Dell. It also had some disuniformity in the brightness with dark splotches on either side of the screen (usually only noticeable on lighter color backgrounds). Though no dead pixels at least.

I'm definitely willing to try another monitor from them. But I really wish they'd stock glossy displays. I know reflections suck, but the crap they put on these screens seems far worse than the reflection issues. So I'm happy to see LED, sad to see it's another matte display.

But I did appreciate Monoprice allowing me to return the monitor with no hassle.