New Monitor: Lines Aren't Parallel Or Am I Imagining Things?

May 4, 2018
I believe I am seeing a weird scenario where my left of my screen looks further away, The tool bar on the right looks bigger. Even if I tilt the screen way to the right it still is weird. So I have the screen perfectly perpendicular to me and the left side feels like its tilted away from me a bit.

It could be that I am hyper focused on it and it's something to do with my brain, or is there a setting perhaps that could fix this particular type of distortion?

Do panels sometimes get bent ever so slightly that it might cause something like this?

I also notice lines that should be parallel aren't. For instance, this text appears to be heading up slanted to the right and the web browser line running straight or even slightly down.

It is so slight though that I am not sure if it is an illusion or not. It is driving me nuts.
Could be the panel wasn't secured in the frame properly from the factory (ie panel is slightly off angle) . It does happen, just rarely.