New MalwareBytes Privacy (VPN) is very very fast!


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Dec 18, 2010
I am posting a very ultra low calorie review.

I have been using Express VPN for a long time and I already sub to Malwarebytes for virus/malware etc...

I just installed the Malwarebytes VPN and it is very fast.

It is using the newer WireGuard Protocol instead of older IPSEC and I have tested this pretty thoroughly. I am getting zero DNS leaks, zero webrtc responses, zero torrent leaks (when your torrent software is setup to use the right interface of course)

Since I use Xfinity - Comcast - for internet, I have a 1Gb/s connection through a Unifi Dream Machine Pro and other UBNT hardware as a network at home.

Here is some screenshots
My Connection raw:
I am in the Atlanta Area so the test is obviously close to where I am at

Here is through ExpressVPN (This is the Washington, DC proxy) because there is no Atlanta proxy to go through

Here is MalwareBytes Privacy - This is the Atlanta Proxy - close to me

Here is another server, this time in Miami but this time lets not use Comcast, lets use because maybe comcast is slow through malwarebytes

Here is Miami through ExpressVPN

Now lets try for overseas ... London England through Malwarebytes

Lets try London Through ExpressVPN now

Finally here is a test as far away as I can get from home - Atlanta, GA to HongKong Express VPN

Now Atlanta to HongKong using Malwarebytes Privacy

I would never connect to Asia anyways as I personally have no need but I posted it incase someone does and was interested. Of course your connection quality and speeds will ultimately differ for obvious reasons.

So basically it tends to be MUCH faster domestically and by a large margin. I am not showing security tests right now. It would make this too long and you can do your own to your satisfaction anyway.

I am basically ditching ExpressVPN and moving to MalwareBytes for my privacy needs on the open web.

Thanks hope this is useful to someone
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Aug 24, 2014
Torguard's also very fast but it's nice to know there are more options. I'm falling out of love with TG but their whole thing was "fast enough for torrents."

Odds of edward01 being an astroturfer?

Btw great writeup!