New itx build (Lian Li Q07)


Oct 27, 2004
I've been dreaming of doing an itx system for a long time, and finally found the justification for it through my media set up. I've got a big server tower filled with drives and a couple of Mac minis as front ends. I was using the Plex client and Plex Media Server on each mini (since PMS would not run on my server, SuSE 12.2 XFCE), but I wanted something centralized and more powerful to do the PMS and transcoding for everything. I figure this way I can stop worrying about the server and front end hardware, since this machine is doing most of the work. And I wanted to build something new, damn it.
I wanted to keep this system compact and minimal, so when my gf wanted to know what to get me for xmas, I steered her towards the Lian Li PC-Q07. Big enough to take a standard PSU, but small and simple enough to keep me out of trouble. This case was fun to work with, and there was just enough space under the mobo for me to squeeze some cables in.
Final part list:
Lian Li PC-Q07
Biostar TH61X
Intel Pentium G620
PC P&C 400W modular (yes, it's overkill, but I like this brand, it's modular, and I got it on sale)
A plain old DVD burner for now, since I don't have anything Blu-ray, and I'd like to see the drives get cheaper before I do.
This nice cheap cooler that's doing a fine job

Internals (it's a tight space to work in, which is also what she said):

PSU in place:

Back (that black cable is from the IR receiver for the MCE remote that came with the mobo):

Front (got to figure out how to hide the DVD drive if I decide to keep it in there...):

In its home:

And older picture of the whole desk (the its system is now where the turtle shell and books were). Someday I'll replace that filing cabinet with shelves and move a lot of the hardware onto them (just have to scan everything in the filing cabinet first).

It's been great to have--it lives in the office, which is where we wind up spending most of our time, so it's nice to have the organized interface for media (as opposed to just file browsing and vlc on the server). System hooks into one the receiver and stereo speakers, and I'm controlling it with a Logitech K400. I've also programmed my Griffin Powermate for Plex controls, and I want to see if I can successfully remap the MCE remote that came with the mobo so I can control the system from the couch. So far so good with passing things to the front ends too--Plex isn't without its quirks, but I've been pretty happy with it so far.

Yay new system! It's been a long time since I did a real build for myself, and it's nice to get back into SFF. I used to be all about them, before I went on a hard drive binge.