New HTPC, need suggestions


Mar 22, 2004
I wish I had found this forum when I ordered the parts a couple months ago. I need some comments/suggestions for mainly getting the video to my tv for stuff I record, but don't wanna burn to DVD. Here's my setup:

Athlon XP2600+
Asus A7V8X-MX SE
512MB ram
160GB Samsung hard drive
ATI Radeon 9600
Onboard sound (currently)
Onboard NIC
Avermedia UltraTV PCI 500
Plextor PX-708a DVD burner

The home theater system setup that my parents have right now is pretty dated. The TV has no s-video, just composite & coax connections. The Onkyo receiver (bought in '95) has only composite connections. There's a DirecTV receiver and I purchased an extra coax cable and coax splitter to connect to the tv tuner card. If I buy an s-video to composite cable (video only) and then buy a cable for the sound out to composite, it should work theoretically right? Also, how big of a difference will I notice between the onboard sound and buying a soundblaster audigy for just normal tv shows, not movies? The tv tuner card I bought has an external IR receiver and remote so I can just record without having to switch to the PC. Any suggestions and/or comments are appreciated.
Yea, the UltraTV 500 is a tuner card.
Avermedia UltraTV PCI 500
When I was looking at tuner cards I narrowed it down to the ultratv and the hauppauge pvr-350. They're very similar, but I liked the UltraTV's interface a little better and it was a little cheaper. So far I've attached it to a regular antenna and am very pleased.