New Hope for G 815


Limp Gawd
Feb 26, 2010
So im looking for a new keyboard to replace my old G910 keyboard and i think i want this G815 wired since i dont like wireless.
I found this video regarding the click noise for typing ( Dont mind his anime fetish)

But i dont know what to choose. They say Tactile has this bump feeling on the keys to prevent typos and Linear is ment for gaming only if you dont care about typos since the keypress is instant.
If i buy the tactile board to prevent typos cuz i do that alot on my G915. Will i then get owned in games by people with linear boards ? Or isent it that bad compared ?

Now im not a pro gamer but it would be nice to have the same advantages they have.
Please enlight me what type of board to buy. The GL clicky one is no go
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