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HTPC's are Home Theatre computers. That means they sit in cases next to or in your home theatre rack and just control your movies/music/games from a remote or wireless laptop. They make apps that create a graphic front end as well and just point and click to the movies you want to watch instead of moving discs around. Also it can act as a TIVO among many other things.
Another great idea for a forum. This and the PSU forum ought to keep me busy for awhile :D

and actually with the right display (front projector) it also doubles as a scaler.

Meaning that instead of watching everything in 480i.

480p, 540p, 720p. 960p, 1080i and even 1080P, yes, Progressive not interlaced. Of course right now there is only a handful of display that can display 1080p natively. They are all front projectors that cost upwards of 9K USED.

That is one of many things. There are people that have raid arrays and have the movies on HDD instead of DVD. :) Also MP3 players and deinterlacers for TV broadcast.