New Fan Recommendations


Sep 15, 2004
I finally build a new system last week and the fans I have are annoying. I want something quiet that will work well with my setup.

Ryzen 7 1700X
Corsair Hydro H55
Gigabyte B450M DS3H
Mushkin 250GB NVME M.2 SSD
GeIL Evo Potenza (2x 8GB)
RX 570 4GB

I had some Corsair fans that are just too loud. I would like something quiet, isn't RGB, and will work well with the Hydro. I looked at Be Quiet! and Noctura, but wasn't sure if there were any other brands that I was missing.
One of the best is be quiet! Silent Wings 3 PWM high speed but they are quite expensive.

Depends a lot on what is available in your area. Phanteks PH-F140MP and PH-F120MP are good, especially when they are running 2-pack and 3-pack deals. For example here in UK a 2-pack of PH-F140MP are £16.26 so £8.13 a fan and 2--pack of PH-F120MP are £14.99 so £7.50 a fan.

Owners of new Arctic P series say they are good but I suspect they suffer the same as older Arctic F series with quality control. Still the price is usually a little lower than Phanteks 2-pack special prices so might be worth looking at.
I would have to order something, or drive at least 90 miles to get to a store that sells stuff like that. I do have a Micro Center in St. Louis, but I am not about to make a 5hr round trip for $40 in fans. I think I'll order a few of the Noctura's A12's and a fan controller. Thanks all!