new computer desk


Mar 3, 2005
dont know where this belongs

does anyone have any suggestions for a new computer desk/workstation? i dont want to spend to much... also a decent chair would be nice.

thanks in advance
Build your own. That is what i did. Not finnished yet still tweaking and installing ports before i paint.
What kind of budget do you have? There's a decent L-shaped one from IKEA for about $330, but it's pretty bare-bones. It's called the Galant (sorry--we just got an IKEA catalog this afternoon in the mail).

Personally, I'm building our own computer desks soon (as soon as that first paycheck comes in....) so I'll get to do exactly what I want with them. I guess that's the advantage of doing it yourself.
Where is the desk going to be placed?

Unless you are buying somewhere local IKEA is probably a good bet. The jerker desk and/or workstation is a very nice desk.

If you have room in a corner I have the Mikael corner workstation, cost me 130$ and is very spacious, has a place for a tower underneath, and a nice large hutch. I love it and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a nice corner desk.

Jerker Desk

Note : The Mikael workstation and the Jerker workstation are only available in store.
I love my desk, got it in slate and grey instead of woodtone but there's not a thing I'd change about it (as long as you've got the room for it)

You have to "Ikea" it (pressboard, twist screws, etc) but it only took me about 2 hours to assemble and it's very good quality (not really a fan of Ikea merchandise). Don't get me wrong, Ikea is nice product if you never move it. It's sort of like Hot Topic clothing: very nice as long as you never wash it.
True the shipping is 45,that makes it like 87 with shipping.Cheaper than most desk,but i should be getting it sometime this week...I hope.
Here is my Jerker, i LOVE IT!,
here is my desk not finished yet do to the fact i have had alot on my plate with starting my biz...but hopefully i get more done soon

my desk