New antennae for WRT54GS or new router. Recommendations?


Mar 25, 2005
I've recently setup a network in my home with my old Xbox running XBMC attached to a WRT54GS with DD-WRT in client bridge mode in the lounge connecting to my wireless N router in the bedroom (also running DD-WRT) on the next floor with a straight line distance between the two of about 10 metres. The signal strength reported in DD-WRT is about 40-45% which is the same i get when the routers are sitting back too back.

Now for the most part the wireless works fine. But occasionally i get drops in signal strength and streaming movies becomes choppy. I've tried different firmwares, moving the router around the room, configuring signal strengths, lower bitrate movies, etc but nothing seems to work.

So far the setup i have has only cost me time. Its just using old equipment i had lying around. So i'd like to keep the cost down as much as possible. I could lay down some cat5 but that would mean ripping up carpets all round the house which i won't do as they've only been down a few months :)

So i'm asking wether it would be more feasable to get new high gain antennae for the 54G or a new 'N' router. Also some recommendations would be great too.:D


Aug 20, 2010
you could be suffering interferance because of the structure of your house for example, I found that streaming videos to my ps3 via wireless, even when the router was next to the ps3, wasnt too good, most of the time it'd work fine, unless I wanted to fast forward or rewind the video. And sometimes when during normal playback, it would just crash and show the loading circle for ages. In the end I went out and bought a ethernet cable for it. (I was just lazy at the time I set it up hense using wireless to begin with). And I've never had a problem since.

By using high gain antennaes, you will most likely increase your signal strength, however I cannot see this improving the streaming service over wireless.