New 24" (16:10) or 27" (WQHD) flickerfree - non IPS Office / Graphics monitor?

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    Jul 9, 2018
    Hey guys,

    been reading here for quite a while and would love your help on a new monitor.

    I am having trouble to find a nice monitor for my new work space.I have a Samsung SA850 from 2012 with a nice PLS panel. Back in 2012 I tried a Dell IPS but I did not like the IPS glow and the look of the IPS picture. I instantly liked that PLS picture a lot more than compared to the Dell.
    I now have a second workspace and need a screen for that. I had the Samsung S27H850FU (with PLS panel) here but it has PWM below 30 brightness and also the picture wasn`t as "balanced" as on the SA850, I also got the Dell U2417H with a great offer, but like in 2012 I am just not a fan of the IPS panel and that glow, I used it for serveral days, but I can`t get used to it. I also had a current LG IPS model here (LG 34UC99) but but again, not really liked that IPS glow to be honest and 34" was way to wide for my purposes.
    So I am looking for an alternative, that is more like the Samsung SA850 PLS panel and also is flickerfree and does not use PWM. I am looking again for 24" (1920:1200) or also 27" with WQHD. I use that monitor several ours everyday for office, but also some video/graphic editing (also a bit of gaming, but this not the most important thing). I could get a refurbished Samsung SA850 for around 90€, but I first wanted to check what current models are out there that you could recommend?
    Since I had several IPS monitors from Dell / LG I would like to go in different direction, I also used two gaming TN monitors (Alienware and Benq), but the picture wasn`t good enough for daily use, with VA panels I have no experience yet, but if they going into that PLS direction, I would be interested.

    Thanks a lot for your help!
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