Networking 2 wireless computers that access different routers?


Limp Gawd
Apr 29, 2002
My brother and i live in the same house. We leech our internet connections off whichever open network we can connect to, which isn't always the same router, because the front and back parts of the house get better speeds off different routers. We would like to be able to share movies and music and such directly, while being able to connect to different access points for internet access. Can we do this? Would an ftp work? I have no idea where to start. Thanks.
yes an FTP would work, so would a VPN.

is there no way that you could setup and "ad hoc" style network between the systems?
I'm just wondering can you connect to 2 things at once? a router and another computer. Can you do it safely and seperatley?
Isn't leeching off of someone elses router (whether open or not) illegal?
If you need both internet and sharing at the same time, buy two more wireless cards/adaptors and install one each on the two computers, and have one started as adhoc host, the other adhoc client.
Its not illegal if the neighbor lets use his connection. Were not hacking into someones network. were using the coffee shop, which has free wifi and a neighbor who lets us use his connection. It all seems legal to me. So there is no way do do 2 connections at once on a single wireless card?