Netflix May Be Losing $192M per Month from Piracy, Cord Cutting Study Claims

Is Netflix the same service that has 4x higher price in czech republic than in Australia? I heard from a girl that was in both countries and compared prices of some movie streaming service. Also I know before that service appeared nobody gave a damn about all theirs obscure movies freely available on some sharing services. After that service appeared someone spend effort, because why would they pay otherwise. (TV in theirs country is still free, it's weird netflix doesn't attack his real competitor.)
I use a friends account. We split the bill. I know a lot of people here will disagree with me, but I think paying more than $5 a month for the amount of time I watch Netflix (maybe an hour a week average) is a waste of money. They keep raising their prices and people like me start looking for alternatives. I will give you an example in my world. Speeding tickets... they are outrageous now. Most tickets are almost $300 each in my area. So, cops start writing lower speeds, or giving warnings, because, believe it or not, most have hearts and know $300 will really hurt most people. So the counties get less funding from fines and raise ticket fines again!! Well, explain how when tickets were $150 the counties made more money? Oh because cops wrote more. That's real scenario and I think applies in the same way to Netflix.
Man you really must be old like the nick says to get so bent over family sharing

YOB: 1966.

I think the multiple stream option are meant for the households that have multiple TVs in the household, which i do think are pretty common in today's world.
So sharing out of your house hold are cheating to me, and if people can cheat others i feel they probably be fine with cheating me too, and i don't like that.

This i assume are clearly formulated in Netflixs terms of use, which people have agreed to.
But i am not saying people should just take this, if it is a problem you should do all you can to change this.
Just going " screw this" and violate the terms you have agreed to are not the path in my point of view, to me that's you stepping onto a slide to a place of anarchy.

Its like saying things need to change,,,,, for every one but me.

Other than that i feel people should do what ever they please as long as it is not on the expense of other people, so if someone feel like braking their agreement or even laws of their country, that's just fine, just don't go all teary eyes when you get caught or the system / society make changes to stop what you are doing.
I am sure non cheating / creative netflix users that have seen price hike after price hike, some of that maybe related to the issue at hand feel pretty cheated.

I feel violated when people drive like A- holes too, if i could get some form of guarantee that those people would just kill them selves and not me or people i care for, fine put the speed limit at 300 km/h and forget about red lights - DUI or phone use.
But when they cant give me this assurance i must insist on every one adhere to the common rules set forth for us all to enjoy motoring and be reasonably safe.

BTW i use to drive like a completely insane person myself, like on 2 wheels ( left side wheels on a small German hatchback ) in my car on public streets, and severe brake fading after driving 2 miles from my house to my friends house, all in a suburban area.

I am no longer that idiot, and i am proud i got to where i am now without any "help" from the law or other people.
This article is stupid. I pay for the 4 user account in my house as I have a wife and 2 kids. We like to watch different shows/movies. Fast forward a few years when my kids might be in college - I'm find with them using my Netflix account. This is not piracy and not consumer any additional resources than I am currently paying for.
My account only allows 4 users at a single time. Even if I gave my account info to someone else, I'm still paying for 4. It's like people are circumventing the number of concurrent streams.

Go back to the days of "phone freaking" - people used to use long distance phone companies and use pin codes they obtained. These people were mooching from the system and not paying - this was piracy/illegal access.
how can you lose money for something that has been paid for?

what kind of mind fuck is that?

its like sharing your wifi password.

maybe stop making shitty original series or negotiate better terms with content owners.

oh that's too hard blame pirates that's the easy out.
Or just PAY for what you take. Meffers. Ill be you are a Millennial
I have the 4 user Netflix account I got from T-mobile for $3 a month. I share with 6 people in my family, 3 different houses. I paid for netflix a while back but dropped it and wouldn't have resubscribed again, but since T-mobile is subsidizing most of it I said might as well.
youre whats wrong with the system...
this is just Netflix's way of at some point they are going to reign in on the "password sharing"...
So who is hacking Netflix and stealing unpaid streams? No one. It is a streaming service, so you can only listen to internet radio at your house! Give me a break, price increase on the horizon; need to pay for the new brain wash shows that will be coming from the former White House staff the hired.
Just like, last year we made the highest profit ever, this year we lost money from the highest profit ever to the second highest profit ever, so we show a loss.
The media reports this bs all the time, think airlines.
My kids stayed home.

Really sucks to be them, missed out on vacation AND can't watch Netflix! :hilarious::ROFLMAO:

No, that's a valid usage scenario that would need a solution and I can think of a few that may work, all involve tying location data to attempted usage location.
Has linked device visited within x range of attempt in x timeframe? If yes, allow/prompt mobile application.
If no, disallow.

There's always options if Netflix wanted, just depends on what their users could bear in terms of inconvenience.

TSA could make air travel 100% safe in the US with the right rules....each of which would limit convenience to the point that no one would want to travel.
Making it safe by default!
I'm losing 192M per month from people not paying me for my awesomeness... smh