Nero CDSpeed says "no cd-rom drives found"


Limp Gawd
Nov 19, 2003
Drivers are installed and latest firmware for my LTR-52327S. It worked before, but after I installed adaptec ASPI, it doesn't seem to get recognized...Help...

Ice Czar

try a different ASPI?]ASPI Guide @ Radified

Excerpt (but read the whole thing)

"If you experience problems with this ASPI configuration, you have several options to consider. First: If you can't see your CD-ROM or burner [in Windows XP], you might want to try double clicking on the reg_xp.exe file that comes with the latest drivers from Adaptec. This will tell your system that you have a burner and CD-ROM and where they are located [logically]. I would expect these types of problems to be more common with brand-new systems [no previous ASPI layer installed].

You might also want to try manually deleting wowpost.exe and winaspi.dll in WinXP, as some people claim that WinXP doesn't need these two files. But try beginning with all 4 files first. Read the posts by Hendrik here for more info along these lines. Or you can try reverting back to the old, stable v4.60 using ForceASPI [see below]."