Neighbor is becoming a linux believer too


[H]F Junkie
Nov 1, 2012
I met a neighbor at the convenience store and since I sold him a monitor 10 years ago, he confronted me with his computer issue: His old laptop died and he couldn't install Thunderbird again (he's a bit older guy already).

I told him that not only I can help him with that, I can probably rescue his old data from the old machine as he had no backups.

So he brings the laptop (it's old too and the keyboard is broken but he got it for free as he's currently unemployed), we do the work and I tell him about my mothers experience with linux. He started cursing how Windows always became crawling slow after a years use and he had suspicions that his Norton antivirus wasn't possibly the best product in the world (duh). So in the end he said that when he goes to buy a new laptop, he will bring it to me and we'll convert it to linux. He's been getting ripped off at the stores - not only they sold him a windows laptop but each time they've sold him also a 3 user family pack and the office suite on top of that.

When he heard that he can get all that for free with linux, he was amazed how nobody told this before.


Supreme [H]ardness
Feb 17, 2016
it's impossible as a consumer to make an informed decision when marketing clout and underhanded deals have made that decision for you, without so much as presenting you with an option as to an alternative.