need your thoughts on psu for new build

I currently have an Antec truepower 2.0 480w its got dual 12v rails at 18a each.

is it capable of running a

8800GTX and and overclocked Opteron 165? < --- i might give it to a friend thats why i ask.
I'd pass on them. And depending on the age of the truepower and the state of it's fuhjyyu caps, it may or may not. Play it safe, buy a Corsair HX 520 from ZZF for $106 shipped.
I'd pass on it.

The HX 520 has 40a on a single rail. The label is wrong.
DANG!!!!! you got me sold :-D. thank you

next its time to raise money for the new build....
Efficiency 80%; the OCZ. because it is not modular, heard about problems with those type of psus!

if it was me buying today, i would get a 800w psu, safe for today and future.
Well, modular doesn't have problems, as Doug Dodson of PCP&C would like you to believe. The difference between straight wire and modular, is so small, it's safe to say it's NONE.