Need XP Pro help..freezes during boot


Jul 31, 2001
just installed XP Pro on an old Compaq Presario (don't ask, I forget the model, but it is at least 5yrs. old). It has had XP Pro on it before and it ran fine, but it was pre SP2

Only things that are connected are a hard drive and CD (same chain since I have a dead IDE).

sound card


Vid card (radeon 9k Pro).


When I remove the CD drive, it says OS not found. Put the drive back on and it boots just fine. Odd.

I run Windows update and its fine. Reboots and so forth.

Download and install SP2.
SP2 installs and prompts for reboot.

Hangs at boot screen w/status bar. Comp freezes.

box will boot to safe mode with no issues. It just won't do normal start-up.

any ideas.
I know some1 who messed up their installation with SP2.... Looks like your going to have to reinstall windows, as im 100% sure SP2 screwed you over.
don't tell me that.

first I get to call MS because I have installed too many times with this key.
get grilled as to why I was reinstalling. And had to explain in depth that I have 2 keys, that are both retail ,to someone in India that speaks piss poor english.

Get it done. and activated.

Runs fine.

turn box off, remove CD drive. won't boot.
Put drive back. Boots.

runs fine. updates fine and reboots.

download and install SP2.

reboots and hangs. will now only boot into safe mode.

Why does crap happen everytime I have to reinstall my OS. If its not a HD crapping its having to blow MS so I can get my key activated.