Need Ultrabook Recommendations - Specifications Inside.


Limp Gawd
Dec 20, 2016
Looking to buy an Ultrabook for someone.

Required Specifications:

-Windows 10
-i5 6th or 7th Gen
-Minimum of 2x USB ports.
-1080p screen
-256GB SSD
-SD Card Reader
-Warranty support (3-4 years) is very important. I'm buying this for someone that doesn't know shit about computers.

I own a Dell XPS 13, but I'm looking into different options.
Recently ordered an IdeaPad 710S Plus 13" because they had a sale on, but it arrived defective and I hated their customer service so I returned it for a refund.

I'm aware that Asus makes some pretty decent Ultrabooks and HP with the Spectre x360 if I remember correctly.

What would you guys recommend I should get with the above specifications? I prefer not to spend more than $1500-1600. (Including taxes CAD)