Need Suggesttion on New Gaming Monitor

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    Hello Tech Gurus...

    I need your advice.

    I currently have 2x 780GTX with 3x Dell U2414H monitors. Never liked them, never liked the fact I couldn't use SLi with them, the extra heat and power, and I had all sorts of issues getting them to work with each other.

    I have had it. I want to change.

    What I want/Comments

    Must be at least 27" all could go all the way to 35" but no larger as this will be on my office desk.
    Must support G-SYNC.
    Must be reasonably priced -nothing ridiculously expensive.
    Don't like "frills" like those found on ASUS ROG that cost more and consume more power. Size, speed, Image (that's it).

    I have the following questions.

    1. How big is too big for a monitor that will be about 2-3 feet from me (hopefully the stands will be thinner and allow me to push the screens further against the wall. Is 34 too big? Should I stay with 27?

    2. Curved or Flat?

    3. How will my 2x 780s handle the bigger screens? I will be upgrading the cards later, likely going back to a single Nvidia card. but I want to do the monitor first.

    Thoughts and Suggestions?

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    Jan 28, 2014
    1. I'd say 32-35" would be the upper limit for 16:9 aspect ratio at that distance, Maybe 38-43" for 21:9. 27" 16:9 is still a good size for desktop use.
    2. Flat for 16:9, curved for 21:9 or other ultrawide aspect ratios.
    3. The size of the screen doesn't matter, it's the resolution. 1920x1080 would probably be the sweetspot for high refresh rates. You may be able to get away with 2560x1440 in games that support SLI, or work well with profile bit manipulation. For ultrawide, 2560x1080 should be fine, but 3440x1440 may be too much. A GTX 1070/1070 Ti or RX Vega 56 would be recommended for 2560x1440 or 3440x1440.
    The PG279Q and other monitors that use the same panel are still a good choice after 3 years. That amount of time has also allowed the prices to come down. Both it and the Acer XB271HU can be found for around $600 new. For something bigger there is the LG 32GK850G, a 31.5" VA panel that is on sale at Newegg right now for $650 (link). Both of these are 2560x1440. Look at the discussion thread here about the latter, as there seems to be an issue with vertical scan lines. Some people say it's not bothersome. For something a little cheaper you can go for the TN versions (Dell SG2716DG, ASUS PG278QR).

    For ultrawides the Alienware AW3418DW seems to get a lot of praise (link). It is natively 100 Hz with the option to overclock up to 120 Hz, and goes for just under $1,000.

    I do not know of any good 1920x1080 monitors in this size range. There is the XB272, but it is 6bit+FRC and early revisions have a serious firmware issue. It is on sale for $458 on Amazon right now (link). If you're going to be upgrading your video cards then I wouldn't worry about this resolution.
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