need some ubiquiti guidance PTP wireless bridge network


[H]F Junkie
Feb 26, 2006
i have a ubiquiti network and i need to "add/create" another. from the main ubiquiti USG i have a seperate building connected via Point to Point wireless bridge. and i would like to sperate/isolate all the devices from there from the "main" network
other than creating another SSID i need to seperate the two.
I don't know how to implement it with ubiquiti, but can't imagine it would be that hard. Someone here should be able to chime in with some details. :)
Create a new subnet and dhcp pool separate from your main network, assign the port that is connected to your wireless bridge to a VLAN, confirm VLAN is working by checking IPs of devices in other building should be on the new network you created, normally you'd have to set-up inter-vlan routing for the devices on different VLANs to talk to each other, unfortunately ubiquity has this turned on by default, so you'll also need to set up firewall rules to block the out building from taking to your main network
Also for ubiquity APs you can tag them for a specific VLAN per ssid
Make sure you are setting your trunk native vlan on the switch interface though to the same vlan your cloud key / controller resides in if you are using anything other than Unifi gear. The provisioning and everything happens untagged native.