Need some recommendations between EK and Alphacool radiators?

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Nov 4, 2003
Currently building in a Seasonic Q704 case with a DPC-850 Connect psu. ASUS Tuf Gaming X570-Pro WIFI II motherboard. PNY XLR8 DDR4 32GB 3600 ram. Samsung 980 Pro 2 TB x 2, Ryzen 5600X with an AC Cuplex Kryos Next with Vision though I will probably switch to a 5800X when I plumb the water. GPU is an XFX RX 7900 XT reference design using an Alphacool cooler. I'm going to be using an AquaComputer Ultitube D5 150 Next pump with 10mm OD tubing. An Aquaero 6 LT will be running the fans and temp sensors Fans will either be Noctua NF-F12 PWM or the Seasonic Nidec Gentle Typhoon type fans that came with the case.

I'm stuck on whether to go with Alphacool Nexxxos HPE-45 or the EK Quantum Surface PxxxM radiators. I'm putting a 360 push in the front, a 240 push up top, and probably a 120mm push in the back. The reason I'm using the 240 instead of a 360 is I intend to add another M.2 on the spare 16x slot.

Here's the links: nexxxos hpe-45 full copper 360mm radiator
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I've been using the Alphacool Nexxxos ST30 & ST25 with fantastic results for a very long time. They last forever and look spotless inside. I am a huge fan of Alphacool copper rads.
Copper rads are overrated. Design wins out.

Actually...aren't like all the name brand rads copper nowadays? My HWlabs are copper under the paint. Maybe I've seen brass. Haven't seen aluminum in awhile.
A lot of the older rads were brass channels (copper fins), but yes I think all modern name brands are fully constructed out of copper.

Another vote here for HWLabs, closely followed by Alphacool.