Need some help with RGB strip lights in shelves. Where did I F up?


Supreme [H]ardness
Mar 9, 2003
So my wife wanted my kid to get some stackable cubes to use as a book shelf. So I built them. The kid wanted them to be RGB lit. So I was like sure, it's like $50 with connectors.

So... that was a bad idea.

I've not got them installed, and while they tested ok, Linking them up I can't get them perfect. I've peaked at reseating everything and the green channel doesn't have continuity on all cubes. I need to test them, but I think part of the problem is that I used waterproof strips and peeled the ends to use press in connectors. But the trip rather than having just the copper pads has solder on the pads. given the behavior of things, I'm suspicious this solder is shit in some spots.

Did I mess up using waterproof strip? Should I have used the naked LED strips with just the thin copper pads? The 4 pin connectors are generally shit, I have to use them at one end, but does anyone have better suggestions for the cube to cube connections than the standard 4 pin connectors that don't have a lot of holding force? I'm not really in the mood to solder a ton of stuff either.

Just hoping someone has done this kind of thing and can tell me if there's a right way to do it that actually works well