Need some help for the holidays from google play store veterans.


Supreme [H]ardness
Mar 9, 2003
OK, I'll try to keep it short.

Getting my young kid a replacement for his existing tablet. Going form a nabi 2 to a nabi dream whatever. As of a few firmware revisions ago play was on the old one, and is on the new one natively. I was trying to download the handful of paid apps for the new one, but even though they are min the list of "your apps", they are trying to bill me for them like it was the first purchase.

Talked to google help, which aggreed with me that it isn't supposed to work that way and purchases should be tied to the account, and they were basically, "yeah that's fucked up, no idea, I'll refund those purchases and you can purchse them again." Which would be fine, but for the fact the rest of that sentece went "I wouldn't use the same account for purchases in the future." Which is a wee bit problematic from the "we own your ass for life" approach google takes to identity.


Any ideas on what may be causing my problem? Play store does say all my devices are compatible and lists both devices correctly, so it's not special hardware specific versions.