Need some advice on my display setup.


Apr 7, 2010
So basically, right now I'm rocking 3 x 30"rs in portrait. Though I want 5 monitors. I found out that after I moved out money was much more scarce than before for I'm think about plunging down to 24"rs. I've never gone down in size though (monitor wise). Do think I'll be disappointed or just have a terrible time transitioning to a smaller monitor, and probably bigger dot pitch?

Also my machine is getting pretty dated and I'm having harder and harder time playing new games at 12MP. Now 6000x1920 isn't that much smaller than 4800x2560, but it may be just enough. The other thing I was thinking of was trying to get some 24"rs on the cheap and putting them next to my 30"r and running 5x1 that way. That method would allow me to run at a lower resolution but not too low (right now I have either 2560x1600 per panel or 1680x1050 per panel bleh).

One other thing is the main thing I use my rig for is browsing the internet. 1600 pixels across seems to be the smallest I can get most web pages without having to side scroll (something my souse doesn't do). So I was just wondering what peoples' thoughts were on what I should do. Also if you have any monitor suggestions, I'd like to hear them. I've only used TN's and IPS panels. I've never seen a VA panel and am afraid to jump in without looking.

This image is quite large. Size Comparison Chart.