Need set up advice


Feb 5, 2007
Hello Everyone,

so heres the current set up that i have.

1 - older desktop, wanting to built a new one
2 - Asus EP121 EEE slate running Windows 7
3 - np8180 with great specs
4 - Asus Transformer infinity (TF700) android tab with keyboard dock

The main reason for the purchase of the Android was electronic PDF textbooks, and basic browsing. The reason I wanted that, was because viewing textbooks on that kind of an interface is a bit easier to navigate than using a scroll bar pdf reader which is all i can seem to find for windows machines.

Currently I only need to carry my Android Tab, and my EP121 Asus tablet to school along with 1 actual textbook and im pretty much set to my bag is relatively light as opposed to when i was carrying my Nimitz class (as its been so labeled by my boss) laptop around.

I am wondering, if there is a way i can really replace the Android Tablet and use my EP121 exclusively for reading textbooks, and taking notes and everything for school. However, i would really prefer to have a pdf reader with a similar page-turning style interface because i do rather like it

The ultimate goal on this is to return my Transformer, and keyboard dock to BB, and use that $750 towards building a new desktop system in the future.

The only real advantage to having the android at that point would be so i can read/have my textbook open on there, while taking notes on the tab, which does have its advantage, but idk if its a $750 advantage