Need recommendation on Alcohol & Ammonia Free cleaning fluid

so on top of Alcohol and Ammonia free, this product also have "SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE FREE."

I assume it is a good thing?
Based on advice I read online, I used a white vinegar mixed 50/50 with water a few weeks back, and it did the trick for my laptop screen.

Isn't sodium lauryl sulfate used in shampoo?
Why alcohol free? If you get rubbing alcohol, that's isopropyl alcohol which is absolutely not drinkable, if that's the issue. It also evaporates completely in a matter of seconds, so it doesn't have time to damage delicate finishes.
my chemistry is not good, so here's a dumb question, if that liquid has no ammonia, no alcohol, what is in it that can clean the screen?
Just use distilled water and a microfiber cloth, it's tried and true, also cheap and safe.
Re Chemistry: alcohol and ammonia can cause the anti-glare coating on LCDs to become cloudy. Anything that says it is safe for all eyeglasses and/or cameral lenses is fine for an LCD, as they use the same coatings for several of the same reasons.

I'm pretty sure the eyeglass cleaning stuff my optometrist sells for $1 a bottle, (fairly small, but I'm still on my first one.) is just distilled water and a tiny bit of mild detergent.
I hate to recommend this place but BBY has a pretty good LCD TV screen cleaner, I used it on my now precious defunct CRT glass and on my new Asus LCD and it works great.

Just try and see if you can get in good stands with an employee so you can get it at employee discount. BBY will charge you an arm and a leg for something like that, that's where they make their money on cheap stuff and outrageously overprice it.

I just got it for free from my previous job working for an OEM :D

so in the end, no1 knows what the break down is inside.

And if you pick say the above link,

Take a look at our clear aqueous formula, which does NOT contain alcohol, detergents, vinegar, dyes, ammonias, acids, phosphates, chlorides or caustics. This is a non-compromising, pure formula.

I couldn't help but wondering if I were buying water w/ a few drop of mild detergent