Need New Monitor Advice! Coming from a TV desktop display


Nov 23, 2013
I've been using my Kuro as a desktop for my PC and it's worked out great so far while watching games and movies.

However it's always a pain whenever I have to do Desktop work as the scaling becomes noticeable on text etc.

I would like to buy a new Monitor instead and here are my important factors. So far from what I've read I would go for an IPS, 8bit or 10bit (if affordable) with great colors, and a good overclockable refresh rate.

I would be in the market for 3d as well but that would be extra. The asus VG248QE comes to mind but I hear TN panels have horrible quality and coming from a Kuro it would probably make me barf ;) either way a glossy panel would have to be a must.

Should I go for one of those South Korean monitors posted on ebay?

Would the quality on an IPS compare to that of the Kuro PDP248XD in terms of overall image quality. I imagine the Plasma would win in contrast by a longshot.

The Qnix QX2710 glossy dream-seller 120hz max seems like something that would go well for me and my gaming needs. However last I looked on ebay they were $700 and he wouldn't ship to Italy (that's where I live). My budget is really in the $500 at the most but would like to spend less for a good IPS with 1080p resolution.
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